Hello my people!

Or, not.

This is strange.

Sharing my life with you and I don’t even know who you are.


That’s all I want, need and have.

And it always will be.



A war field

This is the start of weekly, if not twice-weekly pieces going up, so watch for them 😀

One deep hole, filled to the brim with dead, sunked corpses, now only mere shells
of men. An injured soldier trudges by, his arm hanging off, his shoulder a deep
green colour, clearly infected. A bomb explodes somewhere in the distance,
ringing the toll bell of death. Gas suddenly floods everywhere, and not
quite dead soldiers scream with more chronic pain, willing they’re lives to end
as they’re eyes roll back in their heads and blood streams down their cheeks;
their mouths moving devilishly. Bullets spray across the land, mowing down everything in their paths. And still the war trudges on.


Almost finished a new piece, will post it here when it’s done!


If opportunity …

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

A small side note

As well as posting day-to-day life here, I will be posting parts of my writing and –

Alright! That’s enough of that! It’s my turn to write now. I’m – 

Incredibly annoying, that’s what you are.

Oi! Mind your manners missy!

Look who’s talking.


As I thought. Now, as I was saying, I will be posting parts of my writing and also parts written by miss rude here.


Yes well, you deserve it. Her name is –

I can introduce myself thanks very much!

Well go on then.

Finally she’s quiet! Ok, so my name’s Aaliyah Skylight, but everyone calls me Liyah Sky, because apparently, I daydream a lot. I wouldn’t know. When I died I was 14 years old and I died a year ago today (give or take a week or so.)  I’m a dead pyromaniatic human turned pyromaniatic poltergeist, and I will be featuring in most of this so-called “writing”.

Be quiet, or you’ll become “so-called”.

Fine, whatever.

Anyway, these works of fiction may be posted more often than real life as I tend to prefer the fiction.

Good luck sorting through the mess I leave on here!

Until next time,

Meagan 😀

Welcome fellow bored people!

Welcome to my brand new little corner of the blogosphere! Come and join me in celebrating my life and the utterly random things that happen within it. I hope that what you find here is sunshine-y enough that you also find good in your own days and life.

See you again soon!

Meagan 😀